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Why choose Donna Greaves Bookkeeping?

We Listen

Every clients needs are different.  Some are just starting out, some have been established for many years. Others prefer us to do it all as far as the accounts department is concerned, some just to assist fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.  We listen to what is asked of us, offer advice, guidance and support when required. As the business grows we can alter the way things are done if needed to  assist with that growth, all with the consultation with the owner and their long vision plan.

We Communicate

Communication is the key to everything.  

If the client has a good working relationship with their accountant, with their permission I like to work in a way that also helps the Accountant do their work efficiently, this saves time and money in the long run.

Most accountants like things done a certain way, depending on the industry and I will endeavor to accommodate those allocations etc.

After all we are all working together for the business to achieve sucess.

Bookkeeper or Accountant?

It is the bookkeepers who do the bulk of the day to day work, while accountants and tax agents are typically involved in big-picture planning and end of year tax obligations. The bookkeeper will generally touch every transaction a business is involved in, while the accountant is looking mainly at reports and accounts rather than the accuracy of individual transactions. The bookkeeper creates and / or maintains the general ledger, which is the basis of the company‚Äôs management accounts. 

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